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Claim Investigators are providing their professional and insurance investigation services to clients in every part of UK. Our Partner in UK i.e., Mr. Gary Sommerford is a senior Accredited Counter Fraud Specialist (ACFS), with over 30 years’ experience in the execution and management of a full range of counter fraud work, investigations and associated training. Insurance Fraud Investigators in UK assist you throughout the process of investigation and the reports we serve are full fleshed with all the facts which are relevant to the case. Through his company, Larus Consulting, Mr. Gary is currently providing counter fraud, risk, investigations and associated training solutions for the insurance industry, large or small businesses, public sector organizations, the legal profession, governmental departments and individuals both in the UK and overseas. We assure you of being the best UK Insurance fraud investigation service providers.

His experience spans specialist investigation departments in both the public and private sectors, both within the UK and overseas. The regions of UK are looked after by Mr. Gary Sommerford who is well-established, equipped with trustworthy network and experienced to provide our comprehensive insurance investigation services according to the locale and also we maintain a network of correspondent offices and professional associates in all over the World with strong network of our on-ground associates/partners. Our investigations and reporting are comprehensively descriptive with the main objective to obtain the clear and convincing evidence.

He has extensive knowledge and experience in managing, conducting complex investigations, gathering and analysis of evidence, interviewing, the preparation of detailed case files and disclosure material and the giving of evidence in court. Larus Consulting understands the need of its clients and provides necessary services, required by the client. We maintain the highest levels of integrity and propriety, giving confidence to client’s that their affairs are handled in extremely confidential manner. Our range of services includes:

  • Fraud claim investigations and insurance fraud investigation in United Kingdom
  • Life insurance claim investigations in United Kingdom
  • Accidental benefits/death claim investigations in United Kingdom
  • Property loss claim investigations in United Kingdom
  • Travel insurance claim investigations in United Kingdom
  • Third-party claim investigations in United Kingdom
  • Medical claim investigations in United Kingdom
  • Personal claim investigations in United Kingdom
  • Theft claim investigations in United Kingdom
  • Subrogation and recovery investigations in United Kingdom
  • Contestable death investigations in United Kingdom
  • Fatal accident investigations in United Kingdom
  • Motor vehicle crash investigation in United Kingdom
  • Recovery of stolen vehicles in United Kingdom
  • Insurance litigation support in United Kingdom

He is a specialist advanced interviewer and interview advisor, adept in obtaining fine grain detail in even the most challenging of circumstances, weather remotely or face-to-face. Well respected within the industry, Gary is a regular contributor to various publications and presents at conferences throughout the world. He also develops and delivers bespoke training packages to organizations on a global basis. Gary is the Compliance Officer and a Fellow of the Association of Incident, Fraud and Claims Investigators (AIFCI) as well as a Professional Member of the Society of Forensic Interviewers.

All our associates are very well experienced in fraud insurance claim investigations and well known in their respective locale consequently we can give you the best and prompt service. Indeed we cover all over United Kingdom including London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Belfast, Liverpool, Leeds, Sheffield, Edinburgh, Bristol, Manchester, Leicester, Coventry, Kingston upon Hull, Cardiff, Bradford.

To know more about our claim investigation How to use COUNTRY insurance investigator to protect claim frauds Kindly contact us on our email [email protected] according to your requirement respectively.

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