Medi-Claims Investigations

The medical claim insurance is one of the common policies worldwide and some people take it a step further to gain it through fake claims. Many people planned on daily basis to pursue for fake claims and in fact can go up to fake their own deaths. Our professional claims investigators possess decades of vast experience and have established a proven reputation in the insurance industry for exposing fraudulent applications of medical claims. Insurance companies are bleeding as far as Medi-Claims are concerned and companies are paying interest in uncountable dollars on the above claims per day. We have a dedicated team of investigators who are well versed with the kinds of investigating frauds under the Medi-Claims. Our strategies to defraud the Medi-Claim include each aspects of the case:

  • Reason to need for health care services, we shall investigate detailed records of treatments. Include all dates, locations, which provided the treatments, what services have been received, and what medicine, supplies or equipment were provided. These are mandatory to know the actual expenses have been occurred.
  • The interviews will be taken carefully by insurer to review the billing and summary statements of treatment. We shall include the dates, doctor prescription, name of the service provider and each minor point to find out the truth.
  • The ghost patients are very common and our professionals can identify ghost patients or the patients who are disguising the insurance company. Sometimes, during this kind of investigation, the insurance surveillance is required.
  • Lack of Medical Necessity where patients try to pretend sick or take illegitimate help from doctors.
  • The patients can make false certification; we shall verify each certificate or prescription from all authorities.

Medi-Claim frauds can be fabricated via fraudulent physician’s prescriptions, false documents, false bills, exaggerated claims etc. However, our responsibility is to show you the truth and to find out the real facts. Moreover, the insurance fraud is increasing day by day and our responsibility is to change the modus operandi in each matter for staying above from the fraudulent thinking. To know more about our services, please do contact us anytime. We are reachable through email and direct telephonic consultation.Kindly contact us on [email protected] according to your requirement respectively.


Our Discreteness

  • Factual Photographs
    • Scene Visit
    • Evidence Photography
    • Accidental Vehicle Photographs
  • Scene Mapping
    • Sequence of the Incident
    • Diagrams of Collided Vehicles
    • Witness Testimony
  • Vehicle Collision Analysis
    • Accident Description
    • Vehicles Description
    • Statements of the Witnesses
  • Crash Scene Diagrams
    • Re-Construction of the Scene
    • Collection of Evidences at scene
    • Incident Summary