Death Claim investigations

As per our experience, there has been rise in Death claim frauds and this kind of claim is designed in syndicated way. This is also leading to a challenging environment to Insurance Company as well as for a private investigation company to investigate such kind of cases. We have cracked many cases for our clients in which the insured faked about their deaths. We work from scratching the ground to know the reality of the complete case. The facts of the matters will be presented to you and on many occasions. Our professionals put themselves on risk to know the clear scenario. Death claim frauds are such kind of cases where you need to find the dead person and the real reason behind the death. There are many insured who fake about their own also death on daily basis and also their own family members are involved in it as beneficiaries or witnesses. To be richer and grab wealth makes an individual indulge in such fraudulent activities. We, as being experienced claim investigators are specialized in the investigations of death claims and obtain necessary information and help the insurer companies make an accurate decision. Death claim investigations are often used to verify the death including the reasons of death in which the insurance companies have to take their decision to redeem the claim to nominees. We verify each aspects of death and also collect the relevant convincing evidences for your help to take the decisions. We cover below mentioned aspects:

  • Accidental / Suicide / Homicide verification
  • Investigation of cause and circumstances of death
  • Death certificate / medical records / Autopsy report / Coroner of the deceased
  • Past Health History of deceased
  • Official reports / Public records / Document Retrieval for the verification of death
  • Family Background / Employment background History of the deceased
  • Obtain the information about the cremation / burial / gravesite
  • photography of scene and statements of witnesses
  • All possible convincing evidences will be covered

We will verify each and every claim with different methods and there are at least 15% cases nowadays which come out as fake and fabricated. Under these conditions, our investigation always round upon the entire real death situation and the facts, as well as the claimant’s witness and evidence documentation provided to verify it through various sources. Sometimes, many of proofs provided by claimant’s contacts can be faked like death certificates, notarized affidavit, statements, funeral records etc. However, our main responsibility is to collect the evidences for knowing the truth and provide you the real facts. Indeed, there are many occasions the dead person eventually becomes alive. For knowing more about our services, please do contact us on [email protected] and we shall get back to you within stipulated time.

Our Discreteness

  • Factual Photographs
    • Scene Visit
    • Evidence Photography
    • Accidental Vehicle Photographs
  • Scene Mapping
    • Sequence of the Incident
    • Diagrams of Collided Vehicles
    • Witness Testimony
  • Vehicle Collision Analysis
    • Accident Description
    • Vehicles Description
    • Statements of the Witnesses
  • Crash Scene Diagrams
    • Re-Construction of the Scene
    • Collection of Evidences at scene
    • Incident Summary

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