Methodologies & Approaches

Claim Investigators is always planted a huge emphasis on the case management methodologies and strategies to follow with the successful detection of fraudulent claims. Our each and every insurance claim case is assigning with different approach and procedure to follow with. Our process includes:

CASE ANALYSIS: We assess every assignment to review the scope of investigation, objectives, strategy to follow with and also proceeding with our quotation including the consideration of the client’s budget. Our initial step of finalizing strategy for investigations is based upon the hypothetical databases to study the elements of fraudulent claims. We proceed with the case investigation as assigned after the client authorization.

FIELD INVESTIGATION/DISCREET INVESTIGATION: After the authorization we start our investigation initialized by the discreet methods following with field investigations. Our investigation is included with the verification of claim, collection of documentary evidence (verified death certificate/police proceedings/hospital proceedings and all other documentary evidences), Scene analysis, Tracing of witness and obtaining statements and surveillance or other required investigation strategies.

CASE UPDATES: The urgent and essential information and updates will be sent to you if it’s required on the urgent bases.

FINAL INVESTIGATION REPORT: The final report will be concluded with the evidences, case analysis, findings, all documentation evidence, statements of the witnesses and all other supportive information. The report will also be including with the conclusions and results of the case.

If you are suspicious about a claim, we are always standing by your side to establish the circumstances of the claim. Kindly contact us on [email protected] according to your requirement respectively.

NOTE: As we are professional private investigators, all the information provided by you to us and also the discreet information gained by us during the investigation will dealt under the strictest confidence for considering the private investigation ethics.

Our Discreteness

  • Factual Photographs
    • Scene Visit
    • Evidence Photography
    • Accidental Vehicle Photographs
  • Scene Mapping
    • Sequence of the Incident
    • Diagrams of Collided Vehicles
    • Witness Testimony
  • Vehicle Collision Analysis
    • Accident Description
    • Vehicles Description
    • Statements of the Witnesses
  • Crash Scene Diagrams
    • Re-Construction of the Scene
    • Collection of Evidences at scene
    • Incident Summary