Claim investigators offer an exclusive service of Surveillance for the discreet investigation of insurance claim. Insurance surveillance is oftenly used in Accidental...Read More >>

Tracing Witness/
Obtaining Statement

We trace the witnesses via open enquiries or sometimes with discreet investigations but our witnesses include the family of the insured, relatives/neighbour...Read More >>

Our Methodologies
& Approaches

Claim Investigators is always planted a huge emphasis on the case management methodologies and strategies to follow with the successful detection of...Read More >>

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Our Discreteness

  • Factual Photographs
    • Scene Visit
    • Evidence Photography
    • Accidental Vehicle Photographs
  • Scene Mapping
    • Sequence of the Incident
    • Diagrams of Collided Vehicles
    • Witness Testimony
  • Vehicle Collision Analysis
    • Accident Description
    • Vehicles Description
    • Statements of the Witnesses
  • Crash Scene Diagrams
    • Re-Construction of the Scene
    • Collection of Evidences at scene
    • Incident Summary