Oleg Gordashevskyi, Director

Oleg Gordashevskyi, Director of Agency of System Eliminating Risks, Ukraine; is presenting the Private investigation and security services field in Ukraine. The main aim of our firm is to provide the systemic remedy to the risk and we approached from the study to eliminate the causes of the possible recurrence after removal of the immediate threat.

He has earned huge expertise by dedicated serving for people in offering the trustworthy solutions by giving the best ways to identify the fraudulent claims occurring in insurance companies located in various parts of Ukraine including major cities Kiev, Kharkiv, Odessa, Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk, Lviv and Boryspil. As results of that today he holds huge competency to command his company for rendering the solution of entire insurance activities to curb the fraudulent claims.

Today, Agency of System Eliminating Risks has become one of best investigative firm to offer exceptionally reliable solution of every insurance claim activity throughout Ukraine. The prime goal of this company is to provide reliability to the people by giving them the trust for having honest and articulate insurance activities by minimizing any chance of the occurrence of Frauds in Insurance claims. This noble cause enabled him to create some of best insurance investigation services to achieve the sincere aim for the services of the people. The latest prototypes on insurance investigations are elaborated below for your information and knowledge. These are as follows:

For further information about him or insurance investigation for getting fraud free services, kindly send your query on [email protected].